A Guide to Attracting New Members to Your Social Community

by NY Community

A Guide to Attracting New Members to Your Social Community

There are lots of enormous benefits attached to joining a social club or community for a particular cause. In a social gathering, you get to make new friends, meet new people, and remain connected with people of like-mindedness. Likewise, joining a social club is an effective way to put in your best efforts and energy to defend a particular cause or common goal. 

And if you’re championing the cause of a particular social community such as the special Queensmamas, a local community-based in New York, how do you recruit new members to your club? In what ways will you encourage more participation from outsiders? After all, without regular new members joining your club, your social club tends to move towards gradual extinction as there would be a drastic reduction in active membership participation. But, no worries, read on for effective ways of boosting your social club membership.

1.  Target Your Prospective New Members

The first and the most crucial strategy you’ve got to implement in recruiting new members is identifying your prospective members. For example, your social club might have predetermined qualifications that intending members might need to fulfill before joining the club. You can have general qualifications and specific requirements which guide the membership of the club.

Attracting new members, therefore, doesn’t mean you would breach your membership rules. All you need to do is recognize prospective members who fulfill your membership requirements and then target them for recruitment accordingly. Yours might be a social club for aged men or young girls’ club, which implies that your targeted new audience would be older men and teen girls, respectively. Doing so makes the searching process more comfortable and productive.

2.  Advertise on Local TVs and Newspapers

After you might have identified your audience, then consider advertising on local TV stations and newspapers. When you advertise on local TV stations, you can reach a sizable desired audience who might be interested in your club. And your ads which are specifically for new membership will be particularly suitable for recruitment of local audiences who’re likely to be enthusiastic about your club’s activities.

Placing your adverts in newspapers allows it to cover an extensive range of audience that covers prospective members. You can advertise in local newspapers or, better still, opt for national newspapers, which will be circulated throughout the country. Depending on your budget and your membership requirements, national newspapers, and tv stations might prove to reach more audiences within an ideal period.

3.  Use the Email Marketing Campaign Strategy

As a social club, it’s likely you already have an official email list of members and nonmembers alike. If you don’t, consider implementing an email catch-box on your social club website, which will request visitors’ emails. You can entice your website visitors by asking them to subscribe with their emails for your newsletters, community updates, and helpful tips. After you might have successfully built an email list, you can then utilize an email marketing campaign strategy to send membership request forms to your recipients. You can also ask them to help you broadcast your messages to their friends and family, which yields more members for your club.

4.  Harness the Social Media Power

According to Statista, there are about 3.6 billion social media users, making social media one of the most effective advertising platforms. Consider taking advantage of social media to reach many users who might be interested in your clubs. Across your club’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc., regularly update followers on new membership opportunities and encourage them to join by informing them of the fantastic benefits that await them upon entering.

Likewise, encourage followers to retweet, use hashtags, and share with their friends to reach a wider audience. Consider organizing frequent and attractive giveaways on your social media accounts to attract more followers who might ultimately become your new community members. If done the right way, social media is an enormous tool for reaching new community members.

5.  Organize Frequent Events and Contests

Events are also effective means by which you pull in new members to your social community. As a social community, consider organizing frequent events and public programs that will allow large numbers of people (members and nonmembers) to participate easily. For example, you can schedule a crossbow competition (choose your crossbow bolts here http://www.bowscanner.com/equipment/best-crossbow-bolts)  or establish reach-out group walks. During those programs, you can then create opportunities for new members to join.


There are many other conventional and non-conventional ways to reach more people for your club, but you can start from the strategies mentioned above. Still, ensure you adequately offer your new members the best treatment without sacrificing your old members’ comfort satisfaction. They’re a lot worth too.

5. Engage in Volunteering

Rendering help is therapeutic cause it helps the mind feel good about oneself, kicking out any void you may feel hitherto. You can never run out of volunteering opportunities, so look out for one and participate.

You may help organize special activities or events in your community. You could join other volunteers to clean the community or cook during a social event. Your skill, talent, or contribution will be of good use even at such gathering. In conjunction with other seniors, you can make the world a better place.

Your age shouldn’t hinder you from mingling, and having the best fun of your life as a senior. So take action on these points to bid loneliness a long goodbye.


Get Involved in a Social Community

Social community life isn’t just about giving to a local group or community. Here’re reasons to inspire and motivate you to develop social connectedness.

  • Protect loved ones
  • Personal experiences
  • Protect people with similar life ordeals
  • Advocate for better community life
  • Giving
  • Exchange knowledge, skills, and experiences

Local Events

  • Gardening clubs
  • Book clubs
  • Volunteering
  • Group exercise classes