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Queens Mamas is a local community-based in New York. We help parents connect with members of their neighborhood and the local community to develop a social life. We help you enjoy a warm and rich life through healthy living. With a social community life, only the sky is the limit in your mental and physical health.

We Offer

Safety and a Social Community Life

At Queens Mamas, we offer adults safety, social community life, and the chance to develop better social connectedness for improved future health.

Wisdom and contentment come with age. Mobility and health challenges often ensue with age, especially in older adults. We focus on keeping adults safe and healthy physically for better health in old age. We give you the opportunity to socialize regularly with other adults in our social community to improve your quality of life and prolong your life.

Living alone without access to other people, especially if you neither receive visitors nor drive, is a precipitator for depression.

A Social Community Life Translates to More Social Connectedness

Social connectedness isn’t about popularity or having many friends. But… It’s all about belonging to a group like your local community for the benefit of your health. However, your social connectedness can emanate from the personal relationships you have with...

Why You Need a Social Community Life as an Adult

Social isolation can leave you feeling as if you don’t belong. Lack of a social connection also affects mental health. This is unlike persons with good social connections. Improved social connection level, according to a study published in the Australian & New...

A Social Community Life Translates to Happier and Healthier Adults and Seniors

There’s nothing interesting about social isolation. It’s neither fun nor healthy. Various studies found that regularly engaging with other people can help you retain your cognitive function for longer into old age. The researchers stated the following as ways you can...

Why Get Involved in a Social Community

You can join a local community for any of the following reasons (they vary from adult to adult): Protect loved onesPersonal experiencesProtect people with similar life ordealsAdvocate for better community lifeGivingExchange knowledge, skills, and experiences A social...

Local Events

Every human craves companionship! Social community life allows you to make friends, exchange visits amongst your peers, and enjoy new experiences on a daily basis. You associate with other people and get opportunity to engage in various activities, including:...

Protecting Your Family Fortress: Parental Guidance in the Age of Identity Theft

Identity theft is on the rise, and it's no surprise that hackers are targeting our loved ones more than ever. As parents, we often feel overwhelmed when the security of our family is threatened. How can we protect them from cyber criminals? The answer lies in...

The Importance of Connecting with Your Neighborhood as a Parent

Today's world has become increasingly digital, and with the lockdowns, parents have had to provide even more of their children's education remotely. While this protects the students’ health, many see this as a loss of valuable relationships that can be formed with...

6 Easy Ways To Connect With Your Local Community

When it comes to community, there are countless ways to connect with those around us. Here are six easy ways to get started: 1. Join or attend a local event. 2. Volunteer your time or services. 3. Connect with others through social media. 4. Attend a class or...

The Benefits Of A Strong Social Life

A strong social life has been linked to better mental and physical health, increased happiness, and even a longer lifespan. And it's not hard to see why: humans are social creatures, and our relationships with others play an important role in our overall well-being....

How to design an effective menu

The world of restaurant menus is a complicated one. Restaurants have to keep their prices competitive, yet they also have to be aware of the customers' expectations for food quality and experience.  The world of restaurant menus is a complicated one- restaurants not...

A Guide to Attracting New Members to Your Social Community

A Guide to Attracting New Members to Your Social Community There are lots of enormous benefits attached to joining a social club or community for a particular cause. In a social gathering, you get to make new friends, meet new people, and remain connected with people...

5 Things to Do When Dealing With Loneliness at an Old Age

5 Things to Do When Dealing With Loneliness at an Old Age Loneliness and social isolation are typically a part of old age, mainly because when seniors are close to or older than 65 years, they tend to live alone, become separated from family members, are disable or...

How New York Parents Can Have the Best Social Life

New York City is a typical example of a busy lifestyle associated with urban living. Parents hassle between work, parenting, and everyday duties. The women have an added responsibility with the stereotyping of women roles. Little time is left to socialize and interact...


Get Involved in a Social Community

Social community life isn’t just about giving to a local group or community. Here’re reasons to inspire and motivate you to develop social connectedness.

  • Protect loved ones
  • Personal experiences
  • Protect people with similar life ordeals
  • Advocate for better community life
  • Giving
  • Exchange knowledge, skills, and experiences

Local Events

  • Gardening clubs
  • Book clubs
  • Volunteering
  • Group exercise classes

Protection from
“Cyber Crime”

As a mother, keeping your family’s identities safe is a top priority—our easy-to-use protection plans can help. Choose the right provider for you and your family. Watch above the difference between Aura vs Lifelock